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Weddings comprise over 85 percent of our events each year. Weddings are one of our favorite events because the atmosphere is uplifting and enjoyable to be around. To provide the best service to our clients we only perform a limited amount of weddings each year. All wedding receptions include the following services:

 Professional MC/Host - Music is one small part of your event. Having a master of ceremonies helps your guests know what is happening, what is coming up next and engages them in the celebration.

Music - Everything from your background music, special songs and dance music is important in creating a fun and memorable event for you and your guests. All our music is radio edited, so it is perfect for all ages.

Online Event Planner and Timeline - The event planner allows you to input details about your wedding, such as the first dance song, names of parents and people in the wedding party and more. This allows us to learn more about you and your special day and to coordinate announcements. We will set up a basic timeline, which is determined by the details you input in the event planner. The timeline can be altered by you and we will provide guidance when needed.

Online Music Requests - We encourage our clients to complete the online music requests, as this helps us in learning what type of music they enjoy. You have the opportunity to input songs you would like to hear most and also songs you do not want played at your wedding. You also have the option of allowing your guests access to make song requests in advance of the wedding day.

Event Coordination - On the day of your event, we coordinate with the other vendors to make sure everything goes smoothly, such as providing a copy of the event timeline to the photographer and caterer. Prior to any special dances or moments, we ensure everyone is present, such as your mom and dad or other close family members.

The following services are available upon request:

  • Wedding ceremonies

  • Décor lighting / Up-lighting

  • Lighted custom monograms​ 

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